CISMI  is carrying out scientific investigations of functional organic materials related to communication, medical and biological technologies. This embraces synthesis, characterization and theoretic description. Considering the research-, education- and application-oriented activities established during the last years, CISMI have positioned itself as a valuable partner in Danish Materials Science.


CISMI has been established in 1989 by Klaus Bechgaard, Kay Brunfeldt and Kjeld Schaumburg as an interdisciplinary research institute legally established as a foundation. The activity has been expanded gradually by the position as strategic research initiative for the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.  From may 1st 2003 CISMI has moved its activities to Roskilde University. 

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CISMI scientific interest is devoted to the following materials: thin organic films, dendrimers, functional polymers, carbon materials and micro-porous media. CISMI has been one of the main proponents for the rapid development of Nano-technology in Denmark.

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